The Manchester Regional Police & Fire Pipe Band

Membership in the Manchester Regional Police and Fire Pipe Band is open to all who enjoy the culture of the great highland bagpipes. Our current members are made up of both male and female – ranging in ages from 8 to 86. We are fire fighters and police officers, as well as bankers, contractors, artists, teachers, and many diverse occupations.

All Are Welcome

We welcome both experienced bagpipers and drummers, as well as beginners of all levels. If fact no prior experience in music is necessary. Our underlying philosophy is there is a place for everyone in the MRPF. We specialize in providing anyone interested the ability to take up the pipes or drums.

Continued Learning

New members are welcome to keep their current instructor. For those just starting out or interested in acquiring an new instructor, we can help. Students are interviewed and then assigned an instructor. We recommend students commit to a once per week lesson. If this is not possible, students may learn at their own pace and we will accommodate to your schedule. Once a student is able to play several of the MRPF standard music sets proficiently they are ready for parades. You will be outfitted with the MRPF uniform. Overall the commitment in time and personal resources is considerable, however the reward is equally great.

For more information on joining MRPF Email Kevin Kerchaert (PM) at

I Want to Learn or Participate

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